100% Proof Guarantee

Client Satisfaction First

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Stratosphere Designs, we create proof designs to give our clients a visual representation of what their project will look like when completed by showing you full color designs with graphics and images or by a wireframe diagrams.

Proof designs help us to achieve that final look for your project and really does require your cooperation to help us achieve this goal. After all its your company and product and you know it better than us, and that's why you’re a part of this process.

We value our clients satisfaction and to ensure your satisfied, we will make unlimited revisions at no additional cost until your 100% satisfied with your design. In fact if you feel at any time that you’re not happy at all with the following revisions at a specific point and you've pre-paid for part or full development, we will refund the development portion of your payment.

We’re confident you'll love your design and our experience and passion simply emphasizes our commitment. We believe a happy client is a client for life.